Research shows unhealthy water levels in Bithlo



BITHLO, Fla. - New research shows many of the water wells in Bithlo are so toxic, they could be putting residents' health in danger.

And Channel 9's Lori Brown learned the town's 8,200 residents may now be asked to help pay for a new water system that would serve everyone living in the community.

A sample of 240 of Bithlo's 2,000 wells shows dozens of wells with contaminates at unsafe levels.

"I don't think any part of Orange County should have water that is not safe to drink or not the quality that you, I or the mayor would want to take a bath in," said Tim McKinney of United Global Outreach.

McKinney has pushed to get public water in Bithlo for years, but the project for the entire community would cost $20 million.

Now, the groundwork is being laid to get funding for the effort through federal and state grants.

Resident Dana Pate said she hopes the county will think about people like her and her great granddaughter, who live in the area.

"Most anyone would prefer to know that their water is healthy," said Pate.

The county is talking with U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Fla., to find federal funding, but without any grants, public water would cost Bithlo residents $900 a year for 10 years.