Residents fight Ocoee landfill expansion



OCOEE, Fla. - Residents in Ocoee are fighting a plan to expand a nearby landfill.

The dump, located on Ocoee Apopka Road near the West Orange Girls Club, handles yard waste.

Business is going so well for Tony Raynor, owner of Raynor Shine Recycling Company, he's asking the city and county for more room to expand the waste facility.

However, some homeowners in the Crown Point Woods Subdivision said they're concerned the expansion will bring more big trucks through the area and will pollute the groundwater. "The smell it’s just now starting but when the weather is right it stinks" said resident Ron Rohn.

After failed attempts to get the City of Ocoee to halt the expansion, homeowners are lobbying Orange County as a last resort.

Raynor maintains there's never been an accident and says his business fits zoning regulations, "There's really nothing to worry about we're currently processing the same way now as were always going to process."

A public hearing on the waste facility is scheduled for 2 p.m. Tuesday afternoon in Orange County, followed by a final vote on the issue.