Residents upset over proposed building of new homes on golf course



OVIEDO, Fla. - Developers want to build on nine holes at Twin Rivers Golf Course in Oviedo, but residents worry it will hurt their property values.

WFTV found out they are ready to take their fight all the way to court.

One of the ideas being tossed around at Twin Rivers is to put a light at the intersection, but neighbors WFTV spoke with said traffic was not their only concern when it came to redeveloping the golf course. "The wildlife out here is tremendous. I don't want to see it happen," said resident Bob Werner.

Werner and his wife, Judi, said they can see the golf course from their backyard. They've lived in Oviedo for almost 25 years.

"We were one of the first houses out here, and the biggest draw was the golf course, being on the golf course," said Judi Werner.

The couple is against changing the course. The homeowner's association announced on its website the owners of the golf course are throwing around the idea of building nearly 190 additional homes and 112 town homes.

The golf course may have to be shortened and homes would be built on the existing course.

"It's a more competitive course. The tournaments play here because they like the lay out, but when you shorten it, you'll have more par 3s, par 4s, more than the long holes," said homeowner Tom Chioma.

Homeowners said they share one common concern: they think development would put them at a greater risk of flooding.

"Where they're planning on developing these properties was underwater during [Hurricane] Fay, and if they have to build those properties up to allow them not to flood, the water got to go someplace and I'm thinking it will come downhill to me," said Chioma.

The mayor told WFTV the developers have not filed an official application for development.