• Road work keeping Orange County residents up at night


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Some local homeowners called Channel 9's Roy Ramos saying road construction near their homes has become so disruptive they can't sleep through the night.
    Residents on Wetherbee Road in Orange County said they have been dealing with loud pile-driving for several days.
    Homeowners said they were warned about the construction, but weren't told it would be going on in the overnight hours.
    "It is really loud.  It sounds like it is right on my wall," said resident Maria Abreu.
    "There is like an echo off the houses for about a mile," said resident Josh McGuffin.
    County officials said the pile-driving work has to be done in the overnight hours because of traffic issues that would be encountered during the daytime.
    "It is like a lose-lose. If the county does it during the day, then they have the traffic situation; if they do it at night, then everybody is trying to sleep," said McGuffin.
    "I mean, they don't have to do it during rush hour. I mean after, when traffic slows down," said Abreu.
    County officials told Ramos that the project will expand the road and complete some bridge work across the Florida Turnpike.  They said there are about 11 piles left to do and they are working diligently to complete the project. 
    "It is not fair that we are losing two or three hours sleep and it doesn't stop right away," said Abreu.
    The pile-driving will continue for the next two weeks, according to county officials.

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