Sanford area homeowners want airport authority to buy their homes


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Several homes near the airport in Sanford are being boxed in by runways

The homes sit on the east side of the airport along Beardall Avenue, which is being blocked off for construction.

Orlando Sanford International Airport built a runway on the south end of the street. Now it's in the process of expanding one to the north, which makes for a lot of noise for area homeowners.

Ric Stanley represents one of the homeowners suing the airport because it won't buy his property, even though it's almost surrounding his land.

"He chose to live here?" WFTV reporter Tim Barber asked Stanley.

"Well, he did choose to live here, that's true. However, the airport expansion has been dramatic since he purchased the property," said Stanley.

The runway will eventually cross Beardall and block it off. Then there will only be one way out of the neighborhood, which is almost surrounded by the airport.

Stanley admits the Sanford Airport Authority is not physically taking his client's property, but said they should because the property is nearly boxed in, and the noise is bad.

No one from the airport authority would comment on the lawsuit, but a spokesperson said the authority will not buy property if it does not have the money, FAA approval, or a public need.

Stanley said his client is all for the airport's expansion, he just wants some peace and quiet. But no one will buy the house.

"I have been there when those jets take off. You cannot carry out a conversation," said Stanley.

Construction workers told WFTV that Beardall will be shut down Friday, Aug. 24.