Sanford 4th-grader takes gun to school 2 days in a row



SANFORD, Fla. - Channel 9 learned a Seminole County elementary school student took a gun to school two days in a row, but one staff member believes the school was trying to keep the situation under wraps.

The incident happened at Hamilton Elementary School in Sanford.

According to a document obtained only by Channel 9, a fourth-grade girl told a school behavior specialist about the gun more than a full day before the boy was searched and the weapon was found in his backpack.

“These are very serious allegations and obviously we want someone to be held accountable,” said attorney Jed Main.

Main is representing a school employee who wants to bring the situation to light. He filed a complaint against the school on Thursday asking for a full investigation.

According to the arrest report, the gun was not loaded.

“That's bad,” said parent Dennis Adono. “It's getting to the point where, I mean, you hear that a lot now.  I don't know what's going on.”

“Now we know that it wasn't loaded, but the protocol and the procedures need to be the same for this type of incident,” said Main.

Parents who spoke with Channel 9 said if the claims are true, the lack of action by faculty makes a scary situation even more horrifying.

“It is scary, bringing a gun in an elementary school,” said parent Chand Sultana. “They're just kids.”