• Men attempt to buy guns from owners heading to Sanford PD's buy-back program


    SANFORD, Fla. - The city of Sanford offered gun owners a chance to turn in their unwanted guns Friday, no questions asked.

    Anyone who turned in a gun at the buy-back event got a $50 Target gift card.

    The buy-back event was held at Sanford's old police station on South French Avenue. Police said they have taken in all types of guns, including revolvers, sawed-off shotguns and even World War I-era firearms from 1917.

    However, Channel 9's Myrt Price was there when something unusual happened.

    Before owners could hand their weapons over to police, two men attempted to buy the guns from the owners.

    The men set up across the street from Sanford's buy-back and tried buy guns themselves.

    But when police started questioning the men, they packed up and left.

    When gun owners dropped off their guns, police first checked to make sure they weren't loaded, then they checked the serial numbers and then put them in bins.

    Authorities said the weapons will be destroyed.

    Police said most guns that are turned in are the ones in danger of winding up on the streets.

    Police said they collected 130 guns during the event. One was a stolen firearm from Volusia County.

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