Search on to learn who shot, killed horse in Seminole County



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County investigators are trying to find out who shot and killed a prized show horse.

The teenaged owner said she was devastated when she found her beloved pet in the middle of a Geneva pasture last weekend.

Michelle Tournour and her show horses are close to inseparable.

"All these horses are like my family. I've had them for years," said Tournour.

Tournour described the horses as her best friends. On Saturday, she discovered one of hers horses, Martini, dead.

Deputies believe someone used a high-powered rifle to shoot Martini earlier that morning.

But investigators said the shooter left no clues behind.

Deputies said it's impossible to tell where the bullet came from.

The area is popular for hunting, but Tournour said she thinks the shooting death of her horse wasn't an accident.

She said she doesn't know why Martini was targeted, but said the shooter aimed directly at the horse's heart.

"I believe someone was trying to really kill her," said Tournour.

Now the entire community is on alert.

Many who live in the area have horses of their own.

The family is offering a reward, in hopes someone comes forward with information.

"Everybody loves their animals here, and if they can kill a horse, how they going to stop him from killing another animal, like a donkey or someone else's precious animals?" said Tournour.

If you have any information on the horse's death, you are asked to contact the Seminole County Sheriff's Office at 407-665-6600