Search still on for inmate who fled work-release program



ORLANDO, Fla. - An inmate who was once convicted of third-degree murder has escaped from his work-release program and still hasn't been captured, authorities said.

Richard Weber, 32, was reported missing from the Bridges of Orlando work release facility on Mercy Drive.

Authorities said Weber went to his job as a telemarketer, but didn't return to the Bridges Tuesday night.

Records show Weber was arrested in 1998 as a juvenile after escaping from community control in Suwannee County.

Weber was just four months shy of finishing his sentence in Orange County.

A woman and her daughter live two blocks from the scene of a murder in 2000 that Weber was involved in. The woman said she remembers the crime in their neighborhood.

"She said she's scared with a criminal that's on the loose. She's really scared," the woman said, referring to her daughter.

Weber pleaded guilty to third-degree murder in the case. It appears he was the getaway driver for a man who gunned down two people as they waited in a car in a parking lot.

A man died in that shooting and his girlfriend was wounded.

Weber served two-and-a-half-years on a murder conviction.

In 2004 he was sent back to prison for six years for probation violation.

His latest prison sentence was on drug charges.

Weber was allowed to travel to his job but was required to spend all other time at the Bridges facility.

When he didn't return around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday an alert was put out.

Anyone with information on Weber's whereabouts is asked to contact authorities