• Secret Service investigates fake $10 bills passed at stores in Orlando


    The Secret Service is looking for the man they say passed fake $10 bills at several Family Dollar stores in the Orlando area.

    Stores at West Lancaster Road and West Oak Ridge Road in Orlando were among those hit.

    According to stores managers, the man tried to load a pre-paid Visa card with nearly $500 in fake $10 bills.

    "It upsets a lot of people, because people work for that money and why would they get something fake back?" said shopper Janachia Lousigene.

    The manager at the Family Dollar store on West Lancaster Road spotted the fake money and that's when they said the man left the store.

    The Secret Service said shoppers can usually spot a fake bill by taking a close look at the serial numbers, edges and the faces on the bills.

    To find more information about how to spot counterfeit cash, click here.

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