• Seminole Co. deputies: Suspects accused of robbing day cares, schools arrested


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County deputies took down two suspects accused of a crime spree Wednesday.

    Quincy Barnes and Kenya Manning are accused of smashing car windows at local day cares and schools to steal checks and money while parents walked their kids inside.

    Einstein Academy, Forest Lake Education Center and La Petite were hit Wednesday.

    The suspects were caught in a wooded area in Wekiva Springs after ditching their getaway car nearby, according to the Sheriff's Office.

    Investigators said the thefts could be connected to the Felony Lane gang of south Florida.

    Lady Bird Academy in Winter Springs was hit last week.

    Resident Jeff Hawkins said he started to hear commotion with cars, helicopters and a K-9 unit Wednesday.

    "We didn't really know what had happened, but it had to be pretty big because all the brass was out here," Hawkins said.

    The Felony Lane gang is known for cashing stolen checks in the outer drive-thru lane of banks so that tellers don't catch on.

    Three men affiliated with the gang were arrested in Casselberry last month for similar car burglaries at a gym.

    "If you lose a wallet, you lose your purse, your whole identity, it's nothing but trouble and it puts you through such agony," Hawkins said.

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