Seminole Co. school board finalizes rezoning decision


SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The Seminole County school board decided to go ahead with the superintendent's new elementary zones for the east phase Tuesday night, bringing some parents nearly to tears.

Parent Brigitte Elia said her property values are going to go down.

"I don't think that's right. We moved here for the schools," Elia said.

Jazmin Yang, 6, had only one word to describe how she felt about switching schools: "Nervous."

Yang is one of a group of students leaving Rainbow Elementary to attend Eastbrook.

Elementary schools like Carillon, Partin, Keeth, and Sterling Park will be increasing students, while Evans, Lawton, Stenstrom, Geneva, Walker, Rainbow and Red Bug will be moving students elsewhere.

Parent Rummel Wagner said suddenly uprooting is not only upsetting to the parents, but most importantly, to the children.

Superintendent Walt Griffen believes moving 950 students was the best idea the district had.

"We were able to meet closer to the percentages that we want to do in terms of free and reduced lunch, and especially with balancing the school's enrollment," Griffen said.

Even after rezoning, estimates could be off and there could still be a need for portables as soon as school starts.

"We consider growth, we consider transfers and we did the best estimate would could do for kindergarten," Griffen said.

Seminole County parents had one last chance to speak their piece about rezoning the county's elementary schools before the school board set the new boundaries for the east phase Tuesday night.

The problem was the numbers didn't add up.

In the east phase, some schools were only at half capacity while others were closer to being full capacity.

The district voted to even that out.

The superintendent had revised a plan the core committee came up with, called No. 811 Revised, which shifted about 950 students.

Griffen said letters will be available for parents Wednesday on the new schools.

The west, and final, phase of the rezoning is set to be approved Wednesday and will shift about 300 students.


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