• Seminole Co. Schools plan to purchase safes, hire armored truck service


    SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - The Seminole County School District is planning to beef up security for staff members.

    Officials want armored trucks to go to schools to pick up money instead of having staff make deposits. They also want safes on campus.

    The cost of armored trucks is five times cheaper than what the district pays in time and gas for the 120 employees authorized to take cash to the bank.

    At Lake Howell High School students like Alberto Sanchez often carry more cash than just lunch money.

    "Pictures, lunch, we just had a meeting for class rings," Sanchez said.

    Employees are responsible for handling what can add up to thousands of dollars and the school district is taking steps to keep that cash out of the wrong hands.

    It plans to spend $60,000 on small safes in cafeterias and front offices.

    It also plans to hire an armored truck service to take money to the bank, instead of school staff.

    The district said it's about safety. Putting cash in one is a whole lot safer than employees carrying that cash on their bodies or in their cars.

    Even so, the methods aren't foolproof.

    In April, thieves swiped a safe from Marion County High School. Inside was $4,000 in cash and checks.

    Orange County has been using armored trucks since 2010 and anything that goes inside one is automatically insured.

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