Seminole County leaders push for infrastructure tax



SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. - Seminole County leaders want to renew a one percent tax, but instead of waiting until the general election to ask voters, they’re pushing for residents to vote early in a special election, separate from the one in November.

If approved, the tax would continue to pay for improvements to roads, trails, sewers and sidewalks.

Leaders told WFTV they couldn’t wait until the regular election to put the infrastructure tax on the ballot because they want to get the money next year. That means, they have to mail a ballot to everyone in the county at a cost of nearly $400,000.

WFTV’s political analyst said another reason for the mailing could be because tax opponents typically have a strong turn-out at the polls, so the infrastructure tax would have a harder time passing during a regular election.

Seminole County resident Nicole Paquette said the tax would definitely have her vote.

“Absolutely, it’s important to have infrastructure, we need more sidewalks so we can use the stroller on the sidewalk, “she said.

The infrastructure tax has been approved by voters twice since 1991 and last time it brought in more than $350 million for trails, sidewalks, sewers and roads.

Some residents said they aren’t ready to fork over more money.

“Third Street, Second Street and stuff like that they are all completely neglected,” resident Devon Hefflefinger said.

Officials are still working to figure out which projects would be funded, although SunRail is not one of them.