• Seminole trying to get property strewn with boats and other junk cleaned up


    Seminole County is having a hard time cleaning up one of the worst junk-filled properties they've encountered.

    From Skywitness 9 HD the property on Swamp Lane in Geneva looks like a junk yard, but is a home on the St. John's River.

    The Geneva property has been an issue for the county's Code Enforcement Unit for three years.

    The county had to use the sheriff's helicopter to photograph all of the abandoned boats and trash on the property from the air.

    Officials said they might not have stumbled upon the trash-strewn property if the owner's home hadn't caught fire. The fire marshal believes it was arson.

    The homeowner survived the fire, but investigators told WFTV's Tim Barber that the man was beaten to death during a domestic fight in September.

    Now the property is going into foreclosure and the junked boats and other assorted items could sit a while longer.

    "I would love to see someone who cares about it clean it up. I care about it. I would clean it up," one neighbor said.

    Code enforcement officials said they have given the bank who now owns the property until May 9 to clean up the mess or it will be fined $250 a day.

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