Senior citizens concerned about impact of Affordable Care Act



ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, Fla. - All week long Eyewitness News has taken a closer look in how The Affordable Care Act affects residents.

Senior citizens can't sign up until Oct. 15.

They packed an Altamonte Springs meeting to learn what they can qualify for, and what they may lose Thursday.

They said they have real concerns about reduced coverage, especially seniors forced to switch doctors.

So many seniors attended the meeting that some had to be turned away.

On hand were representatives from various insurance providers to explain changes coming from The Affordable Care Act.

Most of the changes for seniors older than the age of 65 are several years away and very limited.

The more immediate changes have to do with a reduction in benefits, which has seniors really worried.

"I really (would) like to know what the benefits that might be lost along the way for seniors," said Mavis Lamont-Brathwait.

Most of the Medicare changes caused by The Affordable Care Act are several years off but there are some big changes dealing with benefit reductions coming Oct. 15.