Soldier surprises 4-year-old son at school


APOPKA, Fla. - Just in time for Halloween, a little boy had a very special person to take him trick-or-treating Thursday.

Army Spc. Kelvin Medina made a surprise visit to his 4-year-old son's school for an emotional reunion.

The students at Trinity Christian School in Apopka knew a real soldier was coming to see them, and they were ready.

From the pledge of allegiance to a nice rendition of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee," the youngsters were fired up when their special guest walked in.

One student in particular was extra-excited – 4-year-old Cameron.

"That's my daddy," he said as Medina came through the gymnasium door.

Cameron ran up to his dad, who scooped him up into a hug and a long embrace.

It had been six months since the two saw each other.

"I love you," Medina said.

"I love you," Cameron said.

How did it feel to see his son run up to him?

"It was good. I didn't think he was going to run up. Made my day," Medina said.

Cameron couldn't agree more. When asked how it feels to have his dad home, he said, "Good."

The trip wasn't just for the moment. Medina's wife said he was home to see his baby daughter. She was delivered prematurely, after complications, while he was deployed.

Medina's wife said he was able to get an emergency of leave to come home because their daughter was in the NICU.

Medina spoke with the students with his son in his arms.

After a visit to the neonatal intensive care unit to meet his daughter, he said he's going to do something he hasn't been able to do with his son.

"Go trick-or-treating tonight, actually," Medina said.

Cameron said he was going to be a shark, but not a mean one. One with a big smile, thanks to this big surprise.

Medina will stay home for the next 30 days. Then it's back to Afghanistan, where he has already served two tours. He also served one tour in Iraq.

Thursday, he said, made the sacrifice all worth it.