• Some residents upset over high pay for Groveland City Council members


    GROVELAND, Fla. - Some Groveland residents want to force City Council members to take pay cuts after learning members earns nearly three times more than council members in Clermont, which is a much bigger city.

    A petition that residents started on Monday calls for a citywide vote to cut council pay by more than 60 percent.

     “I use three words: Bloated, grotesque and obscene,” said Groveland resident Glen Wilson.

    Wilson said the mayor and city council of Groveland, which has a population 8,800, should be forced to take the pay cuts for the part-time jobs.

    “(It’s a) very high paying part time job,” Wilson said.

    The mayor makes $12,600 per year. City Council members make $10,200 per year.

    In the city of Tavares, council members are paid $5,100 per year. In Eustis, the annual salary is $5,400. Clermont members make roughly $3,600.

    “My position is, you need to lead by example,” said Groveland Mayor Mike Radzik.

    So far, Radzik has been the only local official to publicly support a pay cut. 

    However, Wilson has little faith the rest will go along. His petitions are designed to force a citywide vote on the November ballot.

    Wilson's wife, Evelyn, is a former member of Groveland City Council. Both insist the petition drive has nothing to do with her.

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