Some residents upset over high pay for Groveland City Council members



Some Groveland residents want to force City Council members to take pay cuts after learning members earns nearly three times more than council members in Clermont, which is a much bigger city.

A petition that residents started on Monday calls for a citywide vote to cut council pay by more than 60 percent.

 “I use three words: Bloated, grotesque and obscene,” said Groveland resident Glen Wilson.

Wilson said the mayor and city council of Groveland, which has a population 8,800, should be forced to take the pay cuts for the part-time jobs.

“(It’s a) very high paying part time job,” Wilson said.

The mayor makes $12,600 per year. City Council members make $10,200 per year.

In the city of Tavares, council members are paid $5,100 per year. In Eustis, the annual salary is $5,400. Clermont members make roughly $3,600.

“My position is, you need to lead by example,” said Groveland Mayor Mike Radzik.

So far, Radzik has been the only local official to publicly support a pay cut. 

However, Wilson has little faith the rest will go along. His petitions are designed to force a citywide vote on the November ballot.

Wilson's wife, Evelyn, is a former member of Groveland City Council. Both insist the petition drive has nothing to do with her.