St. Cloud leaders approve plane for bricks roads downtown



Leaders in St. Cloud approved a $200,000 plan Thursday to uncover brick streets in the historic downtown area.

Many business owners wanted to see the project finished, no matter the cost.

Business owner Lori DeLeon said she thinks brick streets give a fresh look to the area.

“I think they are beautiful. I think they give the area a lot of charm. They bring back that old feel. This is a 100-year-old town,” DeLeon said.

For decades, the bricks were buried under the asphalt, but the city started removing the asphalt in February.

Some residents and business owners said the bricks were unattractive and needed to go.

They also said the bricks are bad for cars.

“It’s hard to get in and out when you pull your car in and it’s tearing up the cars because of the bricks,” said resident Alisa James.

Repairing old bricks is expensive and the city was already close to exceeding its $423,000 budget.

leaders also approved an additional $28,000 to repave alley ways.

One of the options was to remove the bricks from two streets to finish other roads, which could mean repaving roads where asphalt was just removed.

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