• Stand your ground law protestors vow to remain at Fla. Capitol


    TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Protestors are inside Gov. Rick Scott's office protesting the stand your ground law Friday.

    Dozens of them have been there all week, trying to convince the governor to repeal the controversial law which garnered national attention because of the George Zimmerman trial.

    Thursday night, the protesters finally met with the governor but did not receive the answer dozens had been hoping for

    "Most people have a belief in a supreme being, as I do," Scott said.

    Professing his belief in God, Scott met with the protesters who have camped out outside his office all week hoping to peacefully get their point across.

    The meeting comes after a long week for activists with the Dream Defenders who have organized sit-ins to get Scott to call a special session and repeal the Florida stand your ground law.

    "If the state of Florida is fine with 17-year-olds being gunned down and nothing happening about it, I think the state of Florida needs a check," said Dream Defenders policy director Ahmad Abuznaid.

    "I believe that we will win. I believe that we will win," Abuznaid said.

    The attention on stand your ground came after Saturday's acquittal of George Zimmerman.

    Scott agreed with a group he organized to discuss the issue and broke the news to the demonstrators in his office.

    "I am not going to call a special session, I do not believe stand your ground should be changed," Scott told the demonstrators.

    So, while grateful for his time, the protesters said they will continue to stand their own ground.

    The protestors vowed to remain at the Capitol pressing for changes to the 2005 self-defense law.

    Meanwhile, Scott has declared Sunday a day of prayer.

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