• State releases performance grades for elementary, middle schools


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Florida schools on Friday found out how well they're performing after the state released grades for elementary and middle schools.

    Channel 9 learned far more schools earned As as well as Fs. Only 13 percent of Orange County schools earned a D or an F.

    Two of the four failing schools in Orange County were Carver Middle and Washington Shores elementary schools.

    Rhonda Martin lives near Washington Shores Elementary but drives an extra 20 minutes to take her kids to another school.

    "I had to do what I had to do to better their future because I knew keeping them there wouldn't better them as far as their grades," she said. "It's pretty disappointing because you want the best for your children."

    Martin moved her children to Pine Castle Elementary, which was graded as a B school.

    Nearly 62 percent of Orange County schools were listed as high-performing, meaning they earned grades of an A or B.

    LINK: 2014 Statewide School Assessment Scores

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