Surveillance shows attack on Mount Dora store owner that injured child



LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - A Lake County mother said her 7-year-old daughter was injured when a customer attacked the owner of a Mount Dora convenience st0re.

Surveillance cameras at the store on U.S. 441 captured the incident involving the upset customer.

"She had approximately over 80 dollars in change. She didn't want to purchase anything at the store, she just wanted him to exchange it for bills," said mother Danya Bennett.

When the store owner refused to exchange the coins, the woman became furious and can be seen in the video throwing displays and attacking the owner. The attack continued outside, where Bennett was sitting at a picnic table with her daughter.

"I believe we were in the wrong place at the wrong time," Bennett said.

According to Bennett, she tried to stop the fight but the situation only got worse.

"She went into her car and then came back out to the table where we were sitting and started attacking the man. She hit him approximately five times in the head and one time missing, hitting my 7-year-old daughter in the cheek," Bennett said.

Bennett said her daughter was left with a bruise.

"She should be behind bars. You can't just go around and hit adults and children and destroy property," Bennett said.

The mother was frustrated the woman, who was identified as 49-year-old Tina Roberts, wasn't immediately facing charges, but Mount Dora police said Friday they're charging Roberts with battery and disorderly conduct.