Alleged shooter named in Sanford business woman's death



SANFORD, Fla. - Sanford police announced Tuesday that they are searching for Richard Lawrence Barnes in connection with the shooting death of Cynthia McGee-Bryant.

McGee was found shot to death in a chair at her insurance office in Sanford Monday afternoon.

Police said witnesses said that Barnes, 46, was seen walking into the office on 25th Street, and that a few minutes later several gunshots were heard and Barnes was seen leaving the office.

McGee's body was discovered by a patron who stopped by the office to pay a bill, police said.

McGee's friends said they are still searching for answers.

"We were all shocked, and even some of the church members," said Bishop Antonio Richardson of the West Livingston Church of God.

Police said they believe Barnes was McGee's boyfriend, but a friend of hers said McGee never mentioned a boyfriend or being in a relationship.

Richardson said McGee was a minister at his church and she often talked about relationships. 

The friend who did not want to be identified said, "She told me to pray for her that she'd find someone, so I'm really shocked that he would be considered a boyfriend."

According to police, Barnes is the prime suspect and anyone who knows of his whereabouts should call 911. He is considered armed and dangerous, according to police.

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