• Report: Teaching assistant, wife starved 11-year-old daughter


    TAVARES, Fla. - A former police officer and his wife are facing charges for allegedly starving their 11-year-old daughter.

    John and Jacqueline Bailey of Tavares were arrested and accused of locking the refrigerator by using chains to keep their daughter from getting food.

    Tuesday, a judge set John and Jacqueline Bailey's bond at $100,000 each.

    According to an arrest report, the girl only had access to a spice rack, and her parents put an alarm on her bedroom door so they would know if she was sneaking out to eat.

    Investigators said a teacher suspected malnourishment and reported it to authorities. The girl weighed 40 pounds when she was admitted to Arnold Palmer Hospital, officers said.

    John Bailey used to be a Lady Lake police officer and is currently a teacher's assistant at Tavares High School.

    Neighbors said they were shocked to hear some of the horrible details of child abuse.

    Neighbor Karin Carroll said it is scary that stuff like that happens two doors down and she didn't even know.

    "My son's 3 and (weighs) 40 pounds, so yes, that's scary," Carroll said.

    The district said it's conducting its own investigation and has placed Bailey on unpaid leave.

    The report said there was proof of wounds on her feet from having to allegedly stand in bleach when she misbehaved.

    Channel 9 was there as John Bailey's adult son came home.

    "Was it true that he locked the refrigerator door and would let you go in but not your sister?" asked Channel 9's reporter.

    "I really just don't want to have an interview," said John Bailey's son.

    John Bailey's students at the high school were surprised by the news.

    "It's weird, it's crazy. I never would have thought that about him," said Tavares High School student Ikey Arriaga.

    The report also said John Bailey made the girl do strenuous exercise at night so she wouldn't wake up in the middle of the night to eat.

    Officers said although there were no signs of abuse on the other children, they were placed with a family member.

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