• Tax credit for adoptive parents to end


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Money that many adoptive parents use to take care of their children will go away at the end of the year. It's a tax credit and without it, some fear children looking for a new home may be the ones hurt.

    Channel 9's Myrt Price talked with an adoptee about how much the credit meant for her family.

    "My mother was a single mother and she had never had children before, so having that credit was definitely helpful," said Brianne Molloy.

    Molloy is upset that the federal tax credit given to adoptive parents will soon end. That's because at age 13, she was adopted, and getting a family changed her life.

    "Going from being very poor, living out of a car and not having food or electricity, to go into what feels like a mansion, was a blessing, it was great," she said."

    Molloy fears without the tax credit, some parents may not be able to afford to adopt, leaving some children without a home.

    Last year's tax credit was $13,360. This year's was $12,650 and next year's credit will go up to $6,000, but only for parents who adopted special needs kids. But in 2014, parents won't get anything.

    Right now, adoption agencies in central Florida are working around the clock to get adoptions finalized before the credit expires.

    "If we can hurry up and get done before Dec. 31, we want to do that, because we want a benefit for our families," said Glen Casel of Community-based Care of Central Florida.

    Right now, there are about 80 foster children in Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties, who are available for adoption.

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