• Teacher resigns after lingerie, bathing suit photos leaked online


    FT. PIERCE, Fla. - A south Florida teacher said she was forced to resign after the school discovered controversial modeling photos of her online.

    Martin County High School English teacher Olivia Sprauer, 26, is also known as Victoria James, a bathing suit and lingerie model on the Internet.

    "I'm sad because I miss my students," said Sprauer.

    Sprauer said she knew she would lose her job if anyone found the photos.

    However, Sprauer insisted the photos were tasteful and didn't cross the line.

    "If I was doing pornography or I was a webcam girl, or I was taking explicit erotic photographs, yes I think I should be terminated immediately," she said.

    The divorced mother of two small children said she can make the same money modeling in one weekend that a teacher makes in two weeks, and plans to pursue it full-time.

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