• Teen involved in Polk County riot charged with hitting staff member


    POLK COUNTY, Fla. - Polk County deputies said a teen who was involved in a recent riot a a juvenile detention facility has been arrested for hitting a staff member.

    Zayroux Graham, 17, was one of the juveniles involved in a riot at the Avon Park Youth Academy on August 17. The riot caused thousands of dollars in damage and resulted in several teens being injured, officials said.

    Deputies said Graham is now in more trouble after hitting a staff member at the facility. The incident, which authorities said happened Saturday evening, started when Graham tried to go into a building he was not allowed in.

    Graham was confronted by a staff member, 43-year-old Paul McDonald, who told him he wasn't allowed inside. According to investigators, Graham turned and punched McDonald in the mouth with a closed fist. McDonald fell to the ground and suffered a laceration to his lip, but did not need to go to a hospital.

    Graham, who is from south Florida, has been arrested and charged with battery on detention staff. Polk County authorities are asking that he be prosecuted as an adult.

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