Teen shot in back while walking near Pine Hills apartment



PINE HILLS, Fla. - Orange County deputies said they are looking for the people who roughed up a teenager, and then shot him in the back.

The 15-year-old boy said he was walking through an apartment complex On Silver Chase Drive in Pine Hills when a car came up from behind him and two people inside jumped out and started to frisk him.

That's when the teen said he ran because he got scared, and then he heard gunshots, felt a stinging in his lower back and realized he had been shot.

The boy said he started to run for help and people in surrounding apartment complexes called 911.

Investigators said the boy got a good look at the shooter's car. He described it as a red Chevy, but he was not sure what model.

"They said, 'Hey, stop. Turn around,' and that's about it. They started going through his pockets and that's all we're getting from him at this time. He's at Arnold Palmer Hospital about to go into surgery to remove the bullet," said Lt. Mark Conner of the Orange County Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said they found the boy about a half mile from where the shooting happened.

"As we started coming to this area, we found a ripped $20 bill, a hat, like in an area where there might've possibly been a scuffle," Conner said.

Deputies said that teen had been reported missing at some point.