Ex-girlfriend testifies Michael Bargo admitted killing teen in Marion County



MARION COUNTY, Fla. - The ex-girlfriend of a man accused killing a 15-year-old boy in Marion County took the stand on Wednesday in his trial.

Four people are already serving life sentences in the case, but prosecutors said 21-year-old Michael Bargo was the ringleader and triggerman who killed Seth Jackson in 2011 over a rivalry involving a girlfriend.

Prosecutors said Bargo used Jackson's ex-girlfriend, Amber Wright, to lure him to a house where he and four others beat and shot Jackson to death. Investigators said the group then dismembered Jackson's body, burned the remains and concealed them in paint cans.

Bargo's ex-girlfriend, Kristen Williams, took the stand on Wednesday.

"They had been in a fight and ended up shooting the kid, the guy, the person. I'm sorry," said Williams.

Williams got emotional as she testified that Bargo admitted he was the triggerman in Jackson's death.

"Did he say, 'I shot him,'" asked prosecutors.

"Yes," said Williams.

One of Bargo's former roommates, Meghan Albany, testified Wednesday that Bargo pointed a gun at her and threatened to shoot her while she was pregnant.

"He said if I didn't move, he'd shoot me," said Albany. "I said, 'You shoot me, you'll go to jail for two counts of murder."

During the second day of testimony, Steven Montanez said he may have seen Jackson being beaten to the point he couldn't walk.

"I seen a kid run out and a couple of guys behind him and they beat him," said the witness.

However, the defense got Montanez to admit he couldn't say for certain that Bargo was one of the attackers.

Prosecutors also called a man to the stand who said he gave Bargo the gun used to kill Jackson in exchange for some yard work.