Texas Equusearch joins search for disabled Marion County man



MARION COUNTY, Fla. - There's still no sign of a Marion County family's disabled son, but search teams have new information about where he was last seen.

John Radabaugh, 48, has the mental capacity of a 3-year-old and has been missing since February 25.

Authorities said a tip from a neighbor has search crews focused on a wooded area near the family's home.

"It is a hard thing to live through. I wouldn't wish this on anybody," mother Kim Radabaugh said.

John Radabaugh disappeared near his Ocklawaha home while doing yard work with his father. A neighbor told detectives he saw John Radabaugh walking down the street and into the woods.

"It is such a roller coaster to be positive one minute and then lose your faith another," Kim Radabaugh said.

Dozens of deputies with the Marion County Sheriff's Office and more than 100 volunteers are involved in the search. The group Texas Equusearch joined the search efforts on Wednesday.

Texas Equusearch members spent Friday searching through a heavily wooded area in the neighborhood. John Radabaugh's mother said the whole ordeal has taken a toll on their family.

"Johnny is outside and he is cold and he is scared and he is hungry and he wants his daddy," Kim Radabaugh said.

The search is expected to resume on Saturday. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Marion County Sheriff's Office.