• Thieves rack up thousands using stolen credit cards at Hilton


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Orange County investigators said in the last four days, three thieves used stolen credit cards to get thousands of dollars in room service at the Hilton hotel near the convention center.

    Reports show David Jones and Zhane Russell used stolen cards to charge $1,600 in room service, dry cleaning and alcohol.

    Hotel officials said it gave Jones and Russell the opportunity to pay for the charges, but since they didn't have the money, they both went to jail.

    Before that incident, they said Nikita Jackson charged more than $3,300 in room service and spa service in just three days.

    "It's scary anybody can get access to your account, to your credit card," said visitor Benny Perez.

    Jackson told deputies a friend was paying for the room because she was having a tough time and was having her power shut off.

    Investigators said Jackson invited friends to the hotel as well.

    Jackson was charged, but her friends were let go.

    Deputies said that while the thefts happened in the same hotel, the cases are not connected.

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