Traveler allegedly smuggled heroin in hidden luggage compartments



ORLANDO, Fla. - A large amount of heroin was seized from a passenger's luggage at Orlando International Airport.

According to investigators, the heroin was found in hidden compartments in William Paez-Rubiano's luggage.

Paez-Rubiano may have appeared to blend in well at Orlando International Airport because he was traveling with his wife and 7-year-old daughter. But Homeland Security investigative agents became suspicious when a police drug dog hit on his luggage.

When agents searched Paez-Rubiano and his wife's bags, they said more than 3 kilograms of heroin were found. He was also carrying more than $2,500 in cash, authorities said.

"That's disgusting. I hope they are punished severely and the daughter is taken out of that environment," tourist Don Davenport said.

A report states Paez-Rubiano told investigators someone offered him $5,000 and the cost of his airfare and hotels to bring in the bags. He also said his wife knew nothing about the drugs. She was not charged.

Authorities haven't said if they believe the heroin would have ended up on the streets of Orlando or if it was headed elsewhere.