• Troopers: Woman's boyfriend takes kids from scene after DUI crash


    APOPKA, Fla. - Dashboard videos show the DUI arrest of a woman police said put her children's lives in danger on Christmas night.

    Troopers said Cindy Guajardo tried to hide the fact her children were in the car with her when she was taken into custody along Claracona Road near Apopka.

    When troopers arrived at the scene, Guajardo was sitting alone in her vehicle, authorities said. But witnesses quickly came forward and said moments before troopers arrived, Guajardo's boyfriend took her four children from the car and away from the scene.

    "Listen, this is dramatic to me and, uh, crazy," Guajardo can be heard saying on the dash-cam video. "This is my first accident."

    Guajardo admitted to drinking three beers at a Christmas party. According to the police report, an open bottle of Bud Light was also found in her car.

    The video shows Guajardo taking a field sobriety test, which authorities said she failed.

    Troopers said Guajardo's blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit.

    "I'm a good person, I know I am. I take care of my kids," Guajardo can be heard saying on the dash-cam video.

    No one was hurt in the crash.

    Guajardo faces a DUI charge and a child neglect charge.

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