Two innocent bystanders attacked by Orlando police dog, report shows



ORLANDO, Fla. - Two people in Orlando were attacked by a K-9 officer that was in pursuit of a wanted fugitive, authorities said.

According to the incident report Eugene Alls was doing yard work when the dog lunged at him.

The 72-year-old said he was caught completely off-guard.

“When I got to the corner of the house the dog leaped at me,” Alls said.

Alls now wants the department to retrain the officers who deal with dogs.

“I don’t think the officer meant for that to happen. I think he was careless. I really do,” Alls said.

Officer Gregory D’Amato had the dog, named Bolt, on a leash as they searched for the suspect on Florence Avenue on Wednesday.

The dog eventually strayed from the task and bit Alls on the arm, reports stated.

Before Bolt bit Alls, Bolt tackled an innocent bystander to the ground as she was walking, according to the report.

Bolt apparently jumped from the patrol vehicle as soon as D’Amato opened the door and went after the girl.

She suffered some bumps and bruises, but wasn’t bitten.

Alls said the officer brushed off the situation and told him to go in the house even though Alls was bleeding.

Alls claims he sought medical treatment because the wound was infected but he should be OK.

Alls said he’s not upset with the dog as much as he is with its handler.

“He’s supposed to have control of the dog. He’s not supposed to just let that dog wander where people are,” Alls said.

It’s still unclear what will happen to the dog after the two incidents.

Alls said he may take legal action.

The suspect the dog and officer were looking for was apprehended.