• UCF leaders to discuss safety measures amid student's foiled plot


    ORLANDO, Fla. - Leaders at the University of Central Florida will talk about campus safety Thursday, just days after officials uncovered a student's plan to shoot and kill hundreds of classmates.

    James Seevakumaran killed himself before he carried out the attack, police said.

    Seevakumaran shot and killed himself in his Tower 1 dorm room, police said.

    School officials will meet to discuss what security measures need to be changed after Seevakumaran was allowed to get weapons and bombs inside Tower 1.

    Police said Seevakumaran planned an attack on hundreds of students, but was thwarted after his roommate called 911.

    "He's just pulled the fire alarm and he's got a gun out," the roommate told the operator.

    Police said some additional ammunition was found delivered to Seevakumaran in the UCF mail room.

     WFTV found out Seevakumaran was in the process of being evicted because he was not enrolled in classes this semester.

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