• UCF students in unfinished housing demand refunds


    ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. - Some University of Central Florida students are demanding their money back after realizing the apartments they moved into near campus were still under construction.
    Student residents at the Plaza on University told Channel 9's Racquel Asa that they were not satisfied with what management has agreed to do to make up for the delay.
    Construction crews were installing the sign to the complex Friday, heavy machinery turned dirt just outside balconies and fresh concrete was still being poured.
    On a daily basis it's often those sounds that wake students up and it’s things like that that make them want their money back.
    “I was talking to my mom about getting my first month's rent back because we pay a lot of money to be here and it's not finished and it's constantly noisy,” said one student.
    More than 240 students signed a petition because they felt the same way.
    Students said management hasn't agreed to a full refund, just $150 back.
    Some students say that's not enough considering the storefronts are still empty, promised amenities aren't open yet and apartments were not what they expected when they moved in.
    “Just everything seemed out of order and there were a lot of wires hanging, so yeah, it was kind of messy,” said student Kelsey Murat.
    The leasing office directed Channel 9 to their corporate offices in Texas, which were closed Friday.
    Students told Channel 9 they have already received a portion of the refund and are expecting to the rest sometime next week.

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