• Undercover operation cracks down on drivers that don't yield to pedestrians


    Undercover Orlando police officers are cracking down on drivers that don't yield to pedestrians, slapping some drivers with a $164 ticket for not stopping.

    The law can get confusing, especially for drivers near the intersection of Colonial Drive and Interstate 4. There, even when the light is green, drivers in the turn lane must stop for a pedestrian who steps into the crosswalk.

    Driver Katie Eaton learned the hard way and was issued a ticket on Monday.

    Schedule: Crosswalk Enforcement Schedule

    "I was wondering why he was trying to cut in front of me while traffic was already flowing," she told Channel 9's Racquel Asa.

    Channel 9 has learned drivers also need to be aware of pedestrians who aren't in a crosswalk.  In some cases, pedestrians have the right to cross even when there isn't a crosswalk.

    But are drivers on the hook for a ticket if they hit someone in either circumstance?

    "If a driver hits someone who is crossing legally but doesn't have right of way, they would not be ticketed unless there are extenuating circumstances," said Sgt. Richard Ruth of the Orlando Police Department.

    Some asked if the undercover operation by police is considered entrapment.

    "It's not considered entrapment," said Ruth. "We are letting you know where we are going to be doing it. It's out there in the news."

    Tuesday's enforcement is just one of several planned for the week.

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    Undercover operation cracks down on drivers that don't yield to pedestrians

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