Universal Orlando announces Transformers ride is on the way



ORLANDO, Fla. - There was fanfare and celebration at Universal Orlando Resort as the creation of the Transformers: The Ride 3-D was announced.

The project was shrouded in secrecy until Thursday night when Universal Orlando Resort made the blockbuster announcement that's been months in the making.

Universal officials said the movie-based ride will face the lagoon at Universal Studios, where hundreds of park goers gathered for the announcement.

"If you saw it earlier today you saw a building going up. Almost transforming out of the ground -- literally," said Mark Woodbury, Universal Studios creative director.

Construction cranes tower over the sprawling park. They're a sign that construction is in full swing.

Woodbury said the Orlando ride will be like the other Transformers rides at Universal parks worldwide.

"It's a similar ride. It's spectacular There's no reason to change a thing on it. So the ride itself is the same in Hollywood, Singapore and Orlando," said Woodbury.

The architecture and facility will be different.

Some park visitors Thursday night were excited by the announcement.

"It's good for us. Especially living here," said park visitor Nego Vega. "I think it would help, especially with Disney, with Star Wars. Open a new opportunity for them."

Disney just bought the rights to the Star Wars movies, and the theme park giant is slated to open its new Fantasyland at the end of the year.

When The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opened at Universal Orlando in 2010, the theme park pulled in roughly two million more visitors than the previous year.