'V for Vendetta'-like image spray-painted on Tampa building days before RNC


TAMPA, Fla. - A bizarre image was spray-painted on a downtown building in Tampa, just days before the Republican National Convention.

The image resembles a picture from the movie "V for Vendetta."

However, Tampa police said the graffiti is synonymous with anarchy and the protest group "Anonymous."

Dr. Joseph Papia works in the building and discovered the image as he did a site survey.

He said he was shocked to find it on his roof top, and even more surprised to see bricks and a heavy lead pipe nearby.

"To the right was piled up these big bricks, like street bricks. I mean, they were heavy and there was maybe about 12 of them. So, he [officer] said 'Was this here before?' I said, 'No, no, this has got to be that group called the Anarchists,'" said Papia.

"But there's no doubt that there's a small percentage that will come here bent on destruction and disruption, and those are the individuals that we will deal with very quickly. Those are the individuals that left those items on that rooftop," said Chief Jane Castor of the Tampa Police Department.

Police said crews were sent out to paint over the image.