Valencia College student says government healthcare gave him $200 subsidy



ORLANDO, Fla. - The White House says is now working for most independent users, except for small businesses, and that officials have met their deadline.

Eyewitness News correspondent Justin Gray spoke with the White House about the improvements they've made to the website.

About 375,000 people logged onto Monday before noon. Numbers like that would have crashed the system a few days ago.

Valencia College student Daniel McNaughton said he didn't have any problems with on his next try.

"I first tried signing up Oct. 1. There were a lot of issues; just got overloaded," McNaughton said.

"I was able to sign on, get through the whole process, found out I would get a $200 subsidy."

Now that the Nov. 30 White House deadline to fix has come and gone the administration says most of the problems with the site have been fixed.

"We believe that the website is and will function effectively for the vast majority of users," White House spokesperson Jay Carney said.

Critics still aren't satisfied.

"While technical glitches may be resolved, problems still remain with millions having their coverage cancelled, sticker shock from premium increases and the new taxes being levied are huge problems brought on by Obamacare," Fla. Rep. John Mica said.

McNaughton said anyone who had trouble with the site before should try again.

"I helped my sister get through the website this past weekend, so I know it's working a lot better," McNaughton said.