Veterans get help for the holidays



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A handful of veterans, down on their luck, got some holiday help Monday.

Bikers for First Amendment Rights provided homeless vets with a hot meal, a free haircut and a backpack full of clothes, gift cards and supplies.

Lorenzo Jones, a veteran who's no longer homeless, said he lived in the woods a year ago.

"It was an opportunity to get off of the streets, have a safe place to sleep. I made some new friends here, they gave me a place to live, they trusted me," Jones said.

Jones was one of seven veterans who got back on their feet after going to the veterans post in Holly Hill called Bikers for First Amendment Rights.

It was the second year in a row local vets, residents and businesses chipped in money to provide for homeless vets during Christmas.

"They get hotel rooms for two nights, they get haircuts, put food clothing -- it's just something that makes you feel good," said "Crazy" Eddy of Bikers for First Amendment Rights.

Close to 30 people in need were expected this year.

It took more than $3,000 to put the event on, not including the food and supplies. Organizers said it's a small price to pay to help those who served.

"These guys and gals that you see here, they need to know that they still have the support of the American people. They need to know that they're not just out on the streets and forgotten," said Ray Simonetti of American Legion Post 361.

Veterans taking part in the program will get a Christmas breakfast and dinner and they'll get to stay at a hotel again Tuesday night.