Victim helps police track down alleged wallet thief



NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. - A man suspected of committing a rash of car break-ins is behind bars, but police said it was one of the alleged victim’s detective work that helped crack the case.

Investigators said it happened at the Venetia Bay subdivision on Airport Road in New Smyrna Beach.

The victim’s wife said when she learned that someone had broken into her husband’s car and stole his wallet, she decided that person wasn’t going to get away with it.

“This is ridiculous. We live in a nice neighborhood and we should not have to live in fear all the time,” said Jennifer Caenepeel.

The alleged thief stole a number of things, including her husband’s wallet, which had everything from credit cards to insurance and Social Security information inside.

Caenepeel reported the incident to police.

When she called the credit card company to cancel the cards, she learned the suspect had recently had a pizza delivery.

She called the restaurant and discovered the suspect’s address.

“I decided to drive over there, me and my husband did. We took pictures, front and back,” Caenepeel said.

The family’s home was burglarized last year, so after this latest crime, Caenepeel, who is recovering from breast cancer, was determined to catch the person responsible.

They handed all the pictures over to police, who then had enough evidence to arrest Corey McIntyre.

When Caenepeel found out about the arrest, she was thrilled.

“I’m sorry, you can’t get away with doing this kind of stuff,” she said.

Police said McIntyre could face more charges, because they believe he could have more victims.