I-4 shooting victim held on charges from separate case



LAKE MARY, Fla. - A shootout on Interstate 4 on Christmas Eve led to a fiery crash after the 21-year-old victim was shot five times. He recovered and turned himself in Wednesday as a suspect in another case.

Authorities said Kenneth Hunt II was shot four times in the back and once in the foot while he was driving in Lake Mary.

Police said Hunt turned himself in Wednesday after a warrant was issued for his arrest in another case days after the crash.

Police said Hunt had a small amount of cocaine and a gun that night. Court records show he was also already out on bond in a marijuana and cocaine trafficking case from Volusia County.

Hunt made his first appearance at the Seminole County Jail on Thursday, but a judge said Hunt was enough of a danger to the community to be held without bond.

Out on parole for a previous case, the Sanford man turned himself into police on a warrant for a laundry list of new drug and gun charges that include possession of cocaine, possession of a weapon, tampering of evidence, use of a firearm and violation of condition of pretrial release.

Outside the court room, Hunt's mother insisted authorities had the wrong person.

"He is innocent. My son is not the person that they're portraying him to be," said Hunt's mother.

On Tuesday, Sanford police told WFTV Hunt was at the center of an ongoing feud that has fueled shooting after shooting, mostly in Sanford and Volusia County, since October.

The problem became so bad that Seminole County, Volusia County and the city of Sanford set up a six-person task force specifically to target the two feuding groups.

Police said they hope getting Hunt off the streets will quell some of the violence that has spilled into neighborhoods where innocent people could have been hurt.

Hunt is due back in court next month.