Video shows aftermath of shootout at park filled with kids



DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Newly released video shows the aftermath of a shootout at a busy Daytona Beach park where roughly 150 children were.

Daytona Beach police said an altercation broke out between 19-year-old Oceann Maddox and 18-year-old Stephon Stropshire, while hundreds of people were attending Pop Warner football practice at Derbyshire Park on Monday.

Coaches tried to break up the fight, but police said Maddox went to a car and grabbed a gun, and then fired shots into the air.

Security cameras overhead captured innocent bystanders running for cover as the sound of gunfire pierced the air. Terrified parents called 911.

"I'm out here on Derbyshire Park football practice. It's a…there's somebody out here shooting. They're shooting! They're shooting! They're shooting!" a 911 caller told the operator.

"Oh Lord! I'm looking for my daughter. Lord have mercy. My nerves bad," another 911 caller said.

Maddox then went inside another car with other occupants and fired another shot into a green car that Stropshire had gotten into, police said.

In all, they fired 10 to 15 shots, according to police.

A woman who heard the shots fired came out of her door to see what was going on and was shot in the leg, according to police.

There were roughly 150 children at the park, police said.

Russell Halloway was with his son at football practice. The shots forced him to the ground. He was prepared to protect his son and a child he didn't know.

"I hollered to him, 'Get on the ground,' jumped on top of him. There was another kid close by us, so I told him to scoot over and I laid on top of him, kind of on both of them," said Halloway.

Despite the crowd of children no one was badly hurt.

Maddox and Stropshire were arrested Monday night on charges of firing a gun from a vehicle. Maddox bonded out, but Shropshire made his first appearance in court on Tuesday.

Later, outside of court, Shropshire's mother snapped at the media asking questions about the disregard her son had for some many in a public place.

"I don't want anybody not to use our facilities because of a couple punks and I'm going to do my damnedist to make sure that we restore order there and that these kids and these parents are safe when they get out there," said Police Chief Mike Chitwood.

He told WFTV Maddox is a star quarterback at the Halifax Academy.

The woman who was shot is in the hospital and her condition is unknown.