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Video shows black bear trying to get food out of bird feeder



VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - It was a close encounter for one family in Volusia County when a bear was trying to get food out of a bird feeder in their yard.

The family encountered the black bear at their home in the Orlandia Heights neighborhood in DeBary Wednesday night.

The homeowner said the video camera was mounted on a tree in the yard when it caught the bear trying to get food from a bird feeder. The video was sent it in to WFTV on Thursday.

The homeowner said he put the bird feeder 7 feet off the ground to keep bears from getting it.

Some neighbors said they've had problems with bears in the area over the years. In the past, Fish and Wildlife officials have said they don't typically remove bears in these types of situations.

This time of year, the bears are out looking for food before winter.

Neighbors said they've had problems with bears digging in garbage and even killing a small dog a few years ago.