Video shows prisoner escaping from Lake Co. deputy's cruiser



LAKE COUNTY, Fla. - WFTV has obtained video that shows a suspected thief squeezing his way out of a Lake County deputy's patrol car in September.

According to a sheriff's internal affairs report, the deputy was suspended for two weeks without pay even though the suspect was captured the day after he escaped.

When he was recaptured on Sept. 14, home invasion suspect Michael Floyd wouldn't say how he escaped from the deputy's car, but the car's video camera caught it all.

"Mr. Floyd has kind of a small build. He was able to slink through that small opening, through the partition and roll down the window and then crawl out the window," said Sgt. Jim Vachon of the Lake County Sheriff's Department.

Shortly after his arrest, on a very hot day, Deputy Eric Reyes handcuffed Floyd in the front. He slid open the glass partition between the front and back seats of the patrol car and left the car running with the air conditioner on.

"I'll put you in the shade. I know it gets hot back there," Reyes is heard saying to Floyd on the video.

But when the deputy left the vehicle to talk to other officers, he left Floyd alone. That's when the suspect went all Harry Houdini.

In the video Floyd is seen checking to make sure no one is watching. He then squeezes through the partition. Because of a missing headrest and because he is handcuffed in the front, he can reach the power window button.

After lowering his window, he slithers out the back window and can be seen running from the car.

Investigators said Reyes violated procedures.

"There were several issues: Cuffed in the front was one of them. Leaving his vehicle unattended with a prisoner in the back was another one. And then, the missing headrest was another one. So, you take all those in consideration and that's what led to the escape," said Vachon.

Floyd remains in the Lake County Jail with no bond. He faces trials for robbery, kidnapping and escape.