• Volusia Co. officials work to keep alcohol off beach during busy spring break


    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Out of state college spring breakers are mixing with the locals on Volusia County’s beaches and it’s getting busier by the day.

    Channel 9’s Blaine Tolison rode along with beach safety officers as they caught several drinking on the sand.

    “Alcohol is not allowed on the beach, it’s an arrestable offense, so I just need you to just go ahead and dump it all out for me, please,” one officer told a beach visitor.

    Most of the vacationers said they didn’t know drinking on the beach was illegal, but many said they don’t mind following the rules.

    “We’re on spring break. We didn’t know any of that, so we just get rid of them and enjoy the rest of the day,” one tourist said.

    Officers said they try to tell people about the policy once with a warning. Arrests are rare, but when the crowds get rowdy; they’ll sometimes arrest a couple of violators a day.

    “They’re in the mode to party. They have a lot of alcohol. We’re trying to keep that off the beach,” Tammy Marris with Volusia Safety Ocean Rescue said.

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