Volusia Co. residents don't want proposed Seabreeze marina


VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - A developer wants to build a 200-slip marina on the Halifax River in Volusia County, but some nearby residents aren't having it.

Condo owners said the marina will block their view of the river.

The marina would span 8 acres purchased by the developer, Richard Zahn, whose attorney said he has a legal right to build it.

In three years, the new Seabreeze marina could span north of the Seabreeze bridge – if the city of Daytona Beach grants Zahn permission.

Anne Yordon lives in the cobblestone village. The marina would be built in front of her condominium. She said it will block her view and she's concerned about how it will impact the environment. She drafted a petition with signatures from a few hundred people who are against it.

"I love marinas, I have nothing against them. This is not the place for it," Yordon said.

She said the quality of life would change dramatically for anyone who lives on the river.

Zahn said the marina will be 250 feet from the nearest dock on the river. He believes it will enhance property values for nearby condo owners.

Zahn's attorney said Zahn will spend $1 million creating a park under the bridge that is open to the public.

Yordon doesn't want it.

"I see nothing positive to this project, nothing positive for the people. The park is already there, we don't need another park," she said.

Residents said they don't need boat slips, which have been offered. They plan to take their arguments to city leaders Thursday night.

Representatives for the marina say there would be about 117 parking spaces for the marina, which would be open to the public.

WFTV will tell you what happens Thursday night.