• Volusia Co. Schools tax hike vote under recount


    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. - After five days of sorting through 700,000 ballots, election workers in Volusia County started a recount of 234,000 ballots containing a referendum that would raise taxes to help the county's cash-strapped school district.

    If passed, the referendum would raise $26 million per year for Volusia County Schools over a four-year span.

    School officials have warned of cuts to school programs if it fails, but after the initial tally was logged, "no" votes outnumbered "yes" votes by more than 900.

    In order for the tax to pass, proponents would need to pick up 907 new "yes" votes.

    Volusia County Supervisor of Elections Ann McFall says her workers will continue the recount, because it's the law and to prove counting machines are accurate.

    But she said it would cost taxpayers. "This is probably going to cost us $25,000 in labor alone," said McFall.

    If the referendum fails, school board officials said cuts to school athletics and arts programs are real possibilities.

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