Thousands gather to hear VP nominee Paul Ryan speak in Ocala



OCALA, Fla. - Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan energized a large crowd of supporters during a visit to Ocala on Thursday.

As Channel 9’s Steve Barrett reports, the GOP candidate spent much of his time criticizing President Barack Obama’shealth care policies.

Dunnellon resident Linn Bolton is a rare male breast cancer patient who went to the event in the midst of chemotherapy.

“I'm from Minnesota, originally, and he's from Wisconsin. That's a good thing,” Bolton said. “We're real excited that he came close .”

When Ryan arrived, he greeted a cheering crowd of thousands, many senior citizens standing in the Florida sun to hear what the VP candidate had to say.

“Seven point four million seniors will lose the Medicare plan that they have chosen for themselves,” Ryan said.

Obamacare was a top subject in the town hall-style meeting, where Marion County citizens were able to ask their own questions.

During Ryan's speech, presidential candidate Mitt Romney took the lead in the Electoral College projections for the first time in the campaign.

“What appeals about Romney is that the government is not going to be controlling my life. I have my own rights and my own choices,” said Romney supporter Melanie Carr.